Coca Cola World Cup Trophy Tour will Get A “Go” This Year

Today, in the Korean Republic’s capital city of Seoul, the second and last leg of the Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy Tour got underway. The farewell ceremony took place at the headquarters of FIFA in Zurich, and Gilberto Silva was there to see it.

Coca Cola World Cup Trophy

On November 20, 2022, the grandest spectacular that has ever been staged will get under way. Doha, in the country of Qatar, is where the incredible journey will come to a close. Each of the 32 nations who qualified for the World Cup will see its finals for the first time.

Since 2006, Coca-Cola, which is FIFA’s partner with the longest history, has been proudly displaying the World Cup trophy. This is accomplished by Coca-Cola through the FIFA Trophy Tour.

Coca-Cola and FIFA have agreed to hand over the trophy to each of the 211 members of FIFA by the year 2030. This was the first goal that they had. The competition in 2022 will take them to a total of 51 different nations and territories.

According to the Chief Operating Officer for the FIFA World Cup, Colin Smith, the first leg of the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour was a huge success. It was instrumental in bringing a significant number of new football enthusiasts to the greatest football celebration in the world.

The pace of the Trophy Tour will go up as it travels to each of the qualifying nations. We are making preparations to host the largest soccer celebration in the annals of history in Qatar later on in this year. We welcome participants of any age or skill level.

Noah Beck, who serves as the worldwide ambassador for FIFA, has sent a message to the Spotlight: Your Dreams project. Beck is a star player on his college football team and a social media phenomenon.

Fans will get the opportunity to hear FIFA Legends discuss their ambitions, history, and future during tour stops, and then create their own “Dream Cam” moments using the same materials that will be provided. In honor of the World Cup, FIFA plans to promote and encourage the participation of new musicians. They’re going to act out every sport. An exhibition including these artists’ unique works will be presented as a one-of-a-kind event. At the conclusion of the voyage, FIFA intends to hold a competition in which supporters may submit fan art through social media in order to express their desire to attend the World Cup.

The “Dream Gallery” may be located on FIFA+, the cutting-edge digital network that is operated by the organization. It will hold material aimed at influencers as well as fans, in addition to interactive components.

The winner takes home FIFA’s very first prize. On the gold medal, there are two figures shown holding globes. 1974 was the year that marked the commencement of its present shape. One of the most recognizable sports trophies in the world is kept behind glass and only a select few individuals are permitted to touch it. These individuals include persons who have won the International Cup and prominent leaders from throughout the world.

The original FIFA World Cup trophy cannot be conserved, and as a result, the victor may only keep it for a short period of time. The trophy for the winning team in the FIFA World Cup is made of gold-plated sterling silver. The name of the victorious team, the year of the event, and the nation that hosted it are engraved on this trophy (ies).

Football enthusiasts get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view football history and interact with other football fans during the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. The very first moment a fan laid eyes on the FIFA World Cup Trophy is one they will never forget.

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