Aussie Fans Are Eagerly Securing World Cup 2022 Tickets

According to FIFA, the governing body of soccer around the world, almost half a million tickets for this year’s World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, were purchased between July 5 and July 16.

Aussie Fans Are Eagerly Securing World Cup 2022 Tickets

According to FIFA, the games that saw the highest number of ticket sales during the group stage were those that featured Cameroon taking on Brazil, Brazil taking on Serbia, Portugal taking on Uruguay, Costa Rica taking on Germany, Australia taking on Denmark, Sweden taking on Mexico, and Mexico taking on Sweden.

According to FIFA, the most tickets were purchased by soccer fans in the countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, England, Argentina, Brazil, Wales, and Australia.

In spite of the fact that the competition in Qatar will start in just over three months, there are still over 500,000 seats that are available in the ticketing market.

Additionally, FIFA announced that the beginning date for the subsequent sales phase would be disclosed before the month of September came to a close. When the third and final round of sales starts, Doha will start selling their products over the counter.

The opening ceremony for the 64-match World Cup will take place on Saturday, November 19, followed by the first match of the tournament on Sunday, November 20, which will be played between the host nation and Ecuador.

The very first World Cup, which was originally scheduled to take place in June or July of this year, will now take place later in the year because of the region’s blisteringly hot summers.

The cheapest flights departing Qatar may be had for 250 riyals, which is equivalent to about $100. In order for spectators to reserve lodging in Qatar, they are need to have first purchased event tickets from the tournament’s official website.

Tickets were made available to the general public in the amount of 2 million, with an additional million being held back for FIFA stakeholders including member federations, sponsors, broadcasters, and hospitality programs.

The final match of the World Cup will take place on December 18, Qatar’s national day, in the brand-new Lusail Stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000 spectators. According to FIFA, there were 3 million people interested in attending the tournament who wanted tickets.

World Cup ticket sales approach 2.5 million, organisers said

The most recent round of ticket sales resulted in the acquisition of about half a million tickets, as stated in reports published on Thursday. This brings the total number of World Cup tickets sold for the competition being held in Qatar this year to more than 2.45 million.

Between July 5 and August 16, a total of 520,532 tickets were purchased, as reported by FIFA, the governing body of football around the world. The countries of Qatar, the United States of America, England, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany accounted for the large majority of the spectators at the event.

In terms of ticket sales, the group stage matches that Brazil played against Cameroon and Serbia, as well as Portugal’s match against Uruguay, Costa Rica’s match against Germany, and Australia’s match against Denmark, were among the most popular matches that FIFA had to offer.

According to the event’s organizers, as of the end of June, a “record-breaking” number of 1.2 million tickets had been sold.

The aggregate number of tickets sold has increased by more than 100 percent, and this includes the tickets that were sold to FIFA partners, federations, and hospitality groups.

There is a total of 3,010,679 tickets up for grabs, and FIFA has announced that “last-minute” ticket sales will begin in the days running up to the competition.

The small Gulf state of Qatar, which has a population of fewer than 2.8 million people, anticipates welcoming more than one million visitors for the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East.

The organizers of the competition made the announcement a week ago that the opening match of the tournament will be played on November 20 between Qatar and Ecuador.

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